Infrared Properties of Unusual Initial State Interactions

  • Charles A. Nelson
Part of the Progress in Physics book series (PMP, volume 8)


The related roles of gauge invariance and of initial coherent/ degenerate states in the factorization of QCD processes into short-distance and long-distance parts are discussed. For ππ →μ+μ - + X it is shown that although the systematic summation over all possible spectator interactions removes the outside soft-IR divergences in the non- overlapping ladder Glauber diagrams, unphysical inside soft-IR divergences persist. So, the on-shell Glauber region is not a gauge invariant concept which can be physically isolated from radiative corrections which non-trivially involve other diagrammatic regions. It is conjectured that in QCD non-factorization is inconsistent with local gauge invariance.


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