Geospeedometry: An Extension of Geothermometry

  • Antonio C. Lasaga
Part of the Advances in Physical Geochemistry book series (PHYSICAL GEOCHE, volume 3)


One of the basic aims of petrology is to relate observed mineral assemblages to their previous temperature-pressure history. To assess the previous thermal history, we have relied on an understanding of thermodynamics and phase equilibria. The assumption is made that the various minerals and their chemical compositions measured today will reveal a temperature and pressure which are geologically significant. This procedure is quite valid if equilibrium is achieved and preserved over significant portions of the mineral assemblage. However, in this latter case, by the very nature of equilibrium, effects of any previous or posterior processes are completely lost. An important point is that, by the use of thermodynamics, the dynamics or history of a rock is immediately subjugated to a secondary role.


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