Assay for Multiple Vitamin D Metabolites

  • Phillip W. Lambert
  • Irene Y. Fu
  • David M. Kaetzel
  • Bruce W. Hollis


During the past decade there have been major advances in our knowledge of vitamin D metabolism and its role in both physiologic and pathophysiologic situations of calcium (Ca) homeostasis. Critical to these advances has been the development of ligand-binding assays for a wide spectrum of vitamin D3 metabolites. Separate ligand-binding assays have been reported for vitamin D,1,2 25-OHD,3–11 24,25-(OH)2D,12–15 25,26-(OH)2D,16–18 and 1,25-(OH)2D.19–35 More recently, methodology has evolved for the measurement of two or more vitamin D metabolites in a single, relatively small plasma or serum sample.23,28,34–42


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  • David M. Kaetzel
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