Environmental Effects of Off-Road Vehicles

Part of the series Springer Series on Environmental Management pp 303-314

Recovery Rates and Rehabilitation of Powerline Corridors

  • Gilbert D. Brum
  • , Robert S. Boyd
  • , Susan M. Carter

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Off-road vehicles (ORVs) and power transmission line construction and maintenance can result in similar environmental disturbances. Both activities directly damage vegetation, disrupt animal life, and considerably alter soil characteristics. These disturbances are usually more obvious and persistent in arid areas, where recovery is very slow (Vasek et al., 1975). Together, power transmission lines and ORVs can lead to greater environmental damage than either one can alone. For example, power transmission line rights-of-way can provide ORV access to previously inaccessible areas and ORV use of transmission line rights-of-way will disrupt or prevent vegetation recovery.