Appearances Deceive

  • Walter Fuhrmann
  • Friedrich Vogel


In this chapter we shall illustrate many of the problems of analysis with a specific case history. This approach necessitates the use of various terms and concepts that are defined and explained in later chapters. Readers are advised to reread the first chapter after they have read the rest. We recommend Chapter 2 as the starting point and Chapter 1 as the conclusion for those readers who have had little or no previous training in genetics.

Example 1: A 25-year-old university graduate student requests counseling. He is mentally and physically normal, and his fiancée is equally normal genetically. The girl’s parents were interested in their future son-in-law’s family. They became concerned after discovering the situation illustrated in the pedigree in Figure 1.1. Two half-sisters of the young man suffer from Hurler’s disease; they are both badly malformed. The father and grandfather of the proband both manifest Dupuytren’s contracture of the hand, and the father’s sister suffers from a congenital dislocation of the hip.


Atopic Dermatitis Dermatan Sulfate Future Child Defective Gene Genetic Liability 
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