Comparison with Construction Site Observations

  • Hubert Rüsch
  • Dieter Jungwirth
  • Hubert K. Hilsdorf


The validity of the data provided for the prediction of creep and shrinkage was investigated by means of measurements made on 15 bridges. The dimensions of these structures and other details can be found in [52]. For brevity, only the average
Table 6.1.

Comparison of creep and shrinkage measurements on 15 bridges.

results are given here. To this effect, those dimensions and environmental conditions that differed only slightly were averaged, and the final strain values extrapolated in accordance with Ross [35] were adjusted to a mean stress of 4.5 N/mm2. (640 psi). The resulting data are given in Table 6.1. They were compared to the values computed using the various methods. Reasonable agreement has been obtained with all methods


Yield Point Creep Strain Material Figure Final Strain Development Section 
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