Fractures in Children

  • Raymond G. Tronzo


Fractures of the hip in childhood and early adolescence are rare injuries. Few orthopedic surgeons individually have much experience with these fractures. Therefore, we must depend on a collective source of knowledge for an understanding of these fractures. They are categorically devastating injuries. Since the adult presentation is entirely different from that in children, it would be wrong to transfer our knowledge of fractures of the hip in adults to fractures of the hip in children. Similarly, experience with fractures in children generally should not be transposed to the management of specific fractures of the hip in children. For example, fractures of the distal radius in children may heal without medical assistance through growth remodeling, leaving the child with no functional disability. Such is not the case when dealing with childhood hip fractures: varus deformity in about one-third of cases and premature closure of the femoral neck epiphyses in over 10%.


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