Prefatory Note, 1982, To Lectures 8, 9, and 10

  • C. Truesdell


In scope and in detail these three lectures are rendered obsolete by Fundamentals ofMaxwell’s Kinetic Theory of a Simple Monatomic Gas, Treated as a Branch of Rational Mechanics, New York, Academic Press, 1980, by R. G. MUNCASTER & me. In that treatise all developments of the kinetic theory (restricted as the title indicates) that deserve to be called “exact” in any of the several mathematical senses of that word, we have reviewed, correlated, remade in detail, and often recast in principle or replaced by use of clearer and tighter concepts, assumptions, and methods. Nothing in Lectures 8, 9, and 10 and their appendices should be accepted before comparing it with what we have written in regard to it in our treatise.


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