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  • Demetrio Aguilera-Malta
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They were arrested very quickly. Not knowing what they were being charged with, they neither fled nor hid. One patrol got Eneas while he was playing the organ. He didn’t ask the reason for his apprehension. Nor did he offer resistance. Did they suspect he’d killed Ludivina? No doubt there had been witnesses—behind the window curtains—to the violent scene. Or was it because of the priest? Had they heard the shots? Had he been seen using the shotgun? His conscience, to be sure, was not clear. In both cases homicide had been forestalled. Right. But only chance stopped him from strangling the girl, and his buckshot from eliminating the parish priest. The surprising thing was that they also arrested others. Had something occurred that he didn’t know about? He resigned himself. In the end, he’d soon know what was what. Gleam, on the other hand, didn’t give up so easily. Those who went after him found him halfway home.


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