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  • Demetrio Aguilera-Malta
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The arrival of the small-town newspapers was more vinegar in the mustard. The eight columns had the impact of a bugle blast. An adventurous reporter had gone to Four Vultures Island. It was said that—more islet than island—a strange family had been living there. It consisted solely of sixteen women: a mother and her fifteen daughters. Living without contact with anyone, marginal to all society. Only banana trees had been planted on the island. It was encircled by explosive mines—around the shore and offshore—that made it virtually impregnable. No one could get on or off it. When a ship drew near, it was blown to the winds. And also blown to the winds were its innocent passengers. Then, from the middle of the island, the vultures would rise. These fearsome carnivores had feasts that lasted several days. It was rumored that from time to time a high-ranking officer appeared. Making unimaginable, spectacular leaps. From tree to tree. From island to island.


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