Rhone Fan, Mediterranean

  • William R. Normark
  • Neal E. Barnes
  • Francis Coumes
Part of the Frontiers in Sedimentary Geology book series (SEDIMENTARY)


The Rhone Fan is a large Plio-Pleistocene turbidite deposit in the western Mediterranean Sea. The fan is fed from the broad Rhone River delta, but only one canyon, the Petit-Rhone, has fed most of the major turbidite depositional sequences that have been mapped. Slumping of sediment from intercanyon areas on the delta slope also has provided much sediment for the fan. The lack of Recent turbidite deposition on the fan suggests that turbidite sedimentation dominates during glacial low stands of sea level, building major leveed-valley sequences, while surficial slumping of the valley levee deposits and pelagic sedimentation seem to mark high stands of sea level during interglacial periods.


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  • Neal E. Barnes
  • Francis Coumes

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