COMFAN: Needs and Initial Results

  • Arnold H. Bouma
  • William R. Normark
  • Neal E. Barnes
Part of the Frontiers in Sedimentary Geology book series (SEDIMENTARY)


COMFAN (COMmittee on FANs) met in 1982 to discuss problems in turbidite research. Problems encountered in research on modern submarine fans include the wide variety in types of observations that make comparisons between fans difficult or suspect, as well as a lack of sedimen-tologic and stratigraphic information below the upper tens of meters. Ancient turbidite sequences seldom provide basinwide information for time-equivalent intervals. Comparison of modern submarine fans and ancient turbidite sequences is still tentative, and in many cases impossible, because of the incompatibility of study approaches and lack of a common scale of observations.


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  • Arnold H. Bouma
  • William R. Normark
  • Neal E. Barnes

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