Depositional and Diagenetic History of a Lower Permian (Wolfcamp) Phylloid-Algal Reservoir, Hueco Formation, Morton Field, Southeastern New Mexico

  • John M. Cys
  • S. J. Mazzullo
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Morton Field is a small structural-stratigraphic reservoir located in the Tatum Basin of southeastern New Mexico, on the Northwest Shelf of the very prolific Permian Basin region (Fig. 17-1). The Tatum Basin is a local depocenter that appeared in early Pennsylvanian time, with maximum development in the Middle Pennsylvanian. By late Wolfcampian (early Permian) time, the basin had lost its integrity as a result of depositional infilling. The field is located in the southern portion of the basin (Fig. 17-1) and produces from a phylloid-algal bioherm complex in the informal “Lower Wolfcamp” and Bough members of the Hueco Formation, a unit of Wolfcampian age. This paper describes the depositional and diagenetic facies in the Hueco Formation of Morton Field, as identified in cores from five wells.


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  • John M. Cys
  • S. J. Mazzullo

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