Pharmacokinetics VI: Renal Excretion Data Following Intravenous Administration

  • Ronald J. Tallarida
  • Rodney B. Murray


Following intravenous administration, the amount of unchanged drug excreted in the urine is determined from urine samples obtained at times t i (i= 1 to N) after administration at time 0. The excretion rate dU/dt is given by the equation
$$ dU/dt = {k_r}D{e^{ - {k_e}t}}, $$
where D is the dose, t is the time, and k r and k e are rate constants for renal excretion and total elimination, respectively. (A rate constant is a fraction per unit time.) Taking logarithms (base e) of Equation (31.1), we get
$$ In(dU/dt) = 1n(kr \cdot D) - {k_e}t. $$

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