Thermodynamics of Stable Mineral Assemblages of the Mantle Transition Zone

  • O. L. Kuskov
  • R. F. Galimzyanov
Part of the Advances in Physical Geochemistry book series (PHYSICAL GEOCHE, volume 6)


Although the mineral composition and inner structure of the transition zone of the Earth’s mantle has often been examined in the literature from the petrologic—geochemical point of view (e.g., Akimoto, 1972; Ringwood, 1975; Akaogi and Akimoto, 1977; Liu, 1979; Yagi et al, 1979a; Ito and Yamada, 1982; Jeanloz and Thompson, 1983) a detailed picture of phase equilibria at pressures over 100 kbar, both in the manztle and in silicate systems modeling its composition, has not yet been clearly outlined. The reason lies in the difficulties of conducting experimental studies at the P-T parameters of the transition zone which increase greatly with the number of phases. Thus, use of the numerical computation techniques of chemical thermodynamics becomes indispensable, making it possible to generalize and match the available experimental data on simple systems and, based upon these, to derive phase diagrams of much more complex systems.


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