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Using Outside Areas for Tropical Primates in the Northern Hemisphere: Callitrichidae, Saimiri, and Gorilla

  • Wim B. Mager
  • Tine Griede
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Tropical houses seem to be a new wave in zoo architecture. Almost any large zoo that can find the money will demolish the old monkey cage rows. They break down the biological desert of steel and concrete and build their jungle house, especially in the northern hemisphere. There is a lot to say against the old-fashioned monkey cages in a row, but little or nothing against a good tropical house. A small zoo, however, that must depend on entrance fees will never find the enormous amount of money needed to build a good tropical house. Moreover, in only a few jungle houses the quality of the space and furniture, available to the monkeys, equals or even approaches the quality of the nice picture offered to the visitors.


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  • Tine Griede

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