Inhibition of JH I Synthesis InVitro by a Cerebral Allatostatic Neuropeptide in ManducaSexta

  • Noelle A. Granger
  • William P. Janzen
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Regulation of juvenile hormone (JH) synthesis by the corpora allata (CA) is a complex process integrating both stimulatory and inhibitory mechanisms to achieve developmentally precise changes in gland activity. These changes in turn contribute to the fluctuations in the JH hemolymph titer which govern post-embryonic development. Recent evidence indicates that stimulation of the CA is effected in some systems by neuropeptides termed allatotropins, and inhibition of the CA by allatostatic factors has also been suggested (Tobe and Stay, 1985). However, comparatively little is known of the nature of these moieties.


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  • Noelle A. Granger
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  • William P. Janzen
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