Attenuation of SAW Due to Electron Phonon Interaction

  • Moises Levy
  • Susan C. Schneider


Electron phonon attenuation produced by sound waves propagating in bulk materials has been studied extensively, both theoretically [1–5] and experimentally [6]. However, the computation of the electron phonon attenuation produced by surface acoustic waves (SAW) propagating in a thin metallic film deposited on a piezoelectric substrate is not as straightforward as for bulk waves, and no ab initio calculations similar to those of HOLSTEIN [1] and PIPPARD [2] exist for electron phonon interaction in thin films. There are, however, several models that incorporate the results of these earlier works to estimate SAW electron phonon attenuation in the limit where ql << 1, where q is the propagation vector of the sound wave and l is the electron mean free path [7–10]. Three of these models will be summarized here [7,9,10].


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  • Moises Levy
  • Susan C. Schneider

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