Remembrances of Ted Holstein

  • Edward Gerjuoy


I first became acquainted with Ted Holstein in 1937. I had just graduated from CCNY, now the City College of CUNY, but had not yet gone on to graduate school. I had developed the habit of quietly auditing--on a tuition unpaid basis of course--several of the graduate courses offered by the NYU physics department. Ted was one of the graduate students regularly enrolled in these courses, and it took me no time at all--listening from my vantage point at the back of the room where I never dared ask a question for fear of being thrown out--to determine that he was one of the very few students who understood what was going on. So after class I used to buttonhole Ted and ask him to explain what I hadn’t understood. Ted, already set in the behavior patterns which continued throughout his life, always answered my questions with great clarity, and with insight into the physical significance of the mathematical results. I would not say that he never was impatient, but I never felt he was putting me down, and he seemed willing to spend astonishing amounts of time to get across a point he felt was important.

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