Reflections on Holstein’s One-Dimensional Polaron

  • Leonid A. Turkevich


I want to start with a few personal remarks. Ted was extremely influential in my development as a physicist. His intellectual honesty set for me the highest standards--you knew you could not buffalo Ted. And woe to that seminar speaker who would try to gloss over a point that Ted had not understood--invariably the speaker had not either! Ted’s tenacity bordered on stubbornness; like Jacob and the angel, he would not let go of a problem unti I he had wrestled it to the ground. This conveyed to his younger colleagues the confidence that no theoretical problem was ever too hard. However, Ted was also concerned with the question of “taste”; the talented should not work on just any problem. It was not unusual for Ted to walk into an office and solve in a morning a problem which had had one stymied for weeks; but those were not the problems worth working on. In the match between Jacob and the angel, it had better not be too easy for Jacob.


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