Magnetic Field Induced Transitions in Organic Conductors and Gaps in the Rings of Saturn

  • P. M. Chaikin
  • M. Ya Azbel
  • P. Bak


Quasi-two dimensional organic conductors in a high magnetic field exhibit a series of remarkable phase transitions from normal metals to Spin Density Wave semi-metals. Recent experiments on (TMTSF)2C104 are presented. In attempting a theoretical treatment of these field induced transitions we were led an investigation of the effects of two widely different periodic potentials, a large, slowly varying potential from the open orbits and the magnetic field, and a small, rapidly varying potential from the SDW distortion. Similar equations have been proposed as an explanation of the anomalously large size of gaps in the rings of Saturn and in particular for the Cassini division. The novel spectrum associated with these incommensurate potentials leads to a series of bands and gaps, and in the limit of a large ratio of the periods, to an effective gap with the size associated with the slow period, but at the energy or frequency associated with the fast period. This confirms a conjecture due to Avron and Simon and may explain the size of the Cassini Division.


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  • P. M. Chaikin
  • M. Ya Azbel
  • P. Bak

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