The Structure of Perception and Action

  • Donald G. MacKay
Part of the Cognitive Science Series book series (COGNITIVE SCIEN)


In general approach, the present book reverses the traditional strategy discussed in Chapter 1 of treating perception and action separately, because I begin with the evidence for shared perception-production units, which play a role in both perception and action. By taking up action next, the book also reverses the traditional strategy of giving priority to perception. I attempt first to specify a detailed set of theoretical processes for sequencing and timing the production of speech and other skilled behaviors involving shared perception-production components. I then examine how these shared perception-production components give rise to perception, and I develop a theory with applications to classical perceptual problems such as categorical perception, perceptual invariance, the nature of perceptual errors, perception of the distal stimulus, perception of sequential inputs, and the problem of ambiguity in perception.


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