International Agricultural Trade

  • L. Tim Wallace

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International trade offers promise to provide a considerable and favorable trade base for the future. However, foreign markets will not be a panacea for our current agricultural crisis. Even though foreign markets will remain important for the U.S., perhaps our previous share of these markets will never again be reached and the world market euphoria of the late 1970s will prove to be an aberration rather than a base for long-run planning investment and production decisions.

Key contributors were: J.S. Hillman, “Trade and the U.S. Food and Fiber System” (ECOP/MSU); V.L. Sorenson, “International Food Policy and the Future of the Farm and Food System” (ECOP/MSU); and D.E. Hathaway, “The Challenge in Building Demand for U.S. Farm Exports” (FRB—Kansas City, February 1986).


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