Natural Resources and the Environment

  • L. Tim Wallace

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Land, water, and air policy issues are raised for future policy resolution. Use of biomass, waste management, conservation of resources, and wildlife/recreation potentials are also reviewed. The pertinent question “can we sustain an economically profitable, resource protecting agriculture with our present use of high mechanical/ chemical technology” is raised and tentatively explored.

Major contributors included: L.W. Libby, “Natural Resources and the Food System: An Overview” (ECOP/MSU); the CAST Report No. 95, September 1982; J. van Schilfegaarde, “Water Quality in Relation to Irrigated Agriculture,” paper given at Asilomar, California, conference on “Impacts of Limited Water for Agriculture in the Arid West, ” 1982; J.D. Rhoades, K.D. Frederick, and A.V. Kneese, “The Competition for Water in the Arid West, ” paper presented at the Asilomar, California, conference, op. cit.; C.L. Infanger, “Government’s Role and Responsibilities in Water Resources Management, ” paper presented at a VPI conference on “Emerging Issues in Water Management and Policy, ” June 1982; S. Batie, “Soil Conservation Policy for the Future” (ECOP/MSU); J.S. Shortie and D.J. Epp, “The Environmental Connection” (ECOP/MSU); G.M. Johnston, “Wildlife and Agriculture: A Case of Interdependence” (ECOP/MSU); R. Peyton and L.T. Wallace, Agricultural Sustainability Project, University of California, Berkeley; L.T. Wallace and R.R. Carriker, “Water Policy and Our Nation’s Farmers” (ECOP/MSU).


Soil Erosion Food System Soil Conservation Erosive Land Farmland Protection 
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