CVBEM Applications

  • Theodore V. HromadkaII
  • Chintu Lai


In this chapter, several applications of the CVBEM to engineering problems are presented. These applications include superposition or combination of the CVBEM solutions with other solution methods, such as by use of analytical functions or by finite-difference methods. In all case studies, the approximative boundary is used to develop highly accurate CVBEM approximators. Consequently, it is demonstrated that the overall CVBEM approach (including the approximative boundary error evaluation technique) provides an effective tool for the numerical solution of potential type problems.


Nodal Point Nodal Density Warping Function Background Flow Approximative Boundary 
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  • Theodore V. HromadkaII
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  • Chintu Lai
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  2. 2.U.S. Geological Survey, National CenterRestonUSA

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