Advances in Flow Cytometry for Diagnostic Pathology

  • John S. Coon
  • Alan L. Landay
  • Ronald S. Weinstein


Only 3 years have passed since Lovett et al. (147) first reviewed applications of flow cytometry (FCM) to diagnostic pathology in Laboratory Investigation. Progress in this field has been rapid, however, and the importance of having timely, practical knowledge of this technology has increased significantly for pathologists. Lovett’s lucid explanation of the basic function of the instrument would still be difficult to improve upon. Therefore, this review is not intended to duplicate or replace the earlier substantial monograph. Rather, we will attempt to update the reader on what we regard to be important recent developments in the field. We will also consider some older work which seems in retrospect, to have been insufficiently covered in Lovett’ review. Readers with little or no background in FCM may benefit from referring to the earlier review before starting this one, or else consulting other more comprehensive works, especially Shapiro’s monograph (204). For the many pathologists who have been following the development of FCM, we hope this review will aid in bringing advances in the state-of-the-art into perspective.


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