The Milnor Fibration and the Milnor Lattice

  • Alexandru Dimca
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In this section we introduce various Milnor fibrations, in particular, the global Milnor fibration associated with a weighted homogeneous polynomial. Then we discuss the basic properties of the corresponding monodromy operators. Let On+1 = ℂ{x0,…,xn{ be the ℂ-algebra of analytic function germs at the origin 0 of ℂn+1 and let (X, 0) be a hypersurface singularity defined by an equation f = 0, for some fOn+1 with f(0) = 0. Here n ≥ 0 is a positive integer. There are two equivalent fibrations which, in the literature, are called the Milnor fibration of the function germ f (or of the hypersurface singularity (X, 0)).


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