Primate Laterality

Part of the series Recent Research in Psychology pp 43-74

Patterns of Lateralized Behavior in Prosimians

  • Jeannette P. Ward
  • , Garrett W. Milliken
  • , Donna K. Stafford

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In the preceding chapter, Harris has thoroughly documented the enduring interest of the human species in the question of lateral asymmetry in the behavior of nonhuman primate species. The appearance of this book with reports of a variety of nonhuman primate laterality studies originating in many parts of the world testifies to the resurgence of interest in this topic. This chapter reports the incidence and patterning of laterality phenomena in species of prosimians, a major group of nonhuman primates much less studied in all research contexts than their anthropoid counterparts. The relative neglect of these most primitive of primates, which represent the stem from which the primate order originated, has been undergoing remediation and there now exist many sources of information about this group (see for example, Charles-Dominique, 1977; Charles-Dominiqueet al., 1980; Doyle,1974; Doyle & Martin, 1979; Jolly, 1966; Martin, 1990; Martin, Doyle, & Walker, 1974; Tattersall, 1982).