Patellar Dislocations

  • George ThabitIII
  • Lyle J. Micheli


The words of Plato ring as true today as they did in classical Greece; for as we shall see, patellar instability presents as a spectrum of disease whereby each case must be specifically diagnosed and treated to achieve clinical success. Traditional classifications of instability identify the temporal nature of the event and were listed as acute or recurrent entities. Modern classifications of patellofemoral instability focus on extensor mechanism pathomechanics and include acute dislocations occurring in the anatomically normal and the dysplastic knee; lateral patellar compression syndrome, chronic subluxation patella, recurrent dislocation patella, and chronic dislocation patella, which generally occur in the setting of developmental patellofemoral dysplasia; and congenital dislocations and dislocations associated with genetic syndromes (Table 13-1).


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