A Central Pattern Generator Includes A Model of Controlled Object: An Experimental Proof

  • Konstantin V. Baev


The data presented below were obtained from fictitious and real scratching and locomotion experiments. During actual movement, the integral characteristics of afferent inflow were investigated. In fictitious movement, the quantitative analysis of rearrangements in the motor pattern under the influence of tonic afferent inflow (as conditioned by ipsilateral hind-limb position) and phasic afferent inflow (simulated by stimulation of hind-limb afferents in different motor cycle phases) was carried out.


Hind Limb Central Pattern Generator Cycle Duration Presynaptic Inhibition Limb Position 
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  • Konstantin V. Baev
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  1. 1.Department of Neurosurgery, Barrow Neurological InstituteSt. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical CenterPhoenixUSA

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