Artificial Proteins: De novo Design, Synthesis and Solid State Properties

  • Jane G. Tirrell
  • David A. Tirrell
  • Maurille J. Fournier
  • Thomas L. Mason
Part of the Bioengineering of Materials book series (BOM)


This chapter summarizes work from the authors’ laboratories in the area of de novo design of proteins with novel solid state structures and properties. Interest in this problem arises from two sources: first, from the fact that conventional polymeric solids are necessarily composed of complex mixtures of chains, and second, from the remarkable structures and properties exhibited by proteins of natural origin. In considering protein engineering as a synthetic tool, the polymer chemist is presented with striking new opportunities, from making simple polymers of precisely defined architectures to designing complex macromolecules with highly specialized and efficient catalytic, transport, and biological functions.


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  • Jane G. Tirrell
  • David A. Tirrell
  • Maurille J. Fournier
  • Thomas L. Mason

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