State-Space Solutions to H Control Problems

  • Hidenori Kimura
Part of the Systems & Control: Foundations & Applications book series (SCFA)


In this chapter, we give a solution to the H control problem in the state space based on the results obtained in the preceding chapters. A state-space realization of the plant (7.1) is given by
$$\dot x = Ax + B_1 w + B_2 u,$$
$$z = C_1 x + D_{11} w + D_{12} u,$$
$$ y = C_2 x + D_{21} w + D_{22} u$$
$$ z \in \text{ }R^m \text{ : errors to be reduced}, $$
$$ y \in R^q :\text{observation}\,\text{outputs}, $$
$$ w \in R^r :\text{exogenous}\,\text{inputs}, $$
$$ u \in R^p :\text{control}\,\text{inputs}. $$


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