Intraocular Silicone Oil Versus Gas in the Management of PVR: A Multicenter Clinical Study

  • Walter H. Stern
  • John S. Lean
  • The Silicone Study Group


Over the last two decades, a series of surgical procedures have been identified as being fundamental in the management of retinal detachment complicated by proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR). These procedures have included grading the severity of PVR,1–3 timing the surgery for the biological “window” in which to operate,4 the use of vitreous surgery to relieve retinal traction,5,6 the use of a broad scleral buckle to relieve anterior loop contraction and endolaser to achieve a widespread chorioretinal adhesion,7 and the use of an extended internal tamponade postoperatively.8–15 The Silicone Study was designed to answer a series of clinical questions regarding the surgical management of PVR using the methodology of a randomized clinical trial. This trial is attempting to answer these primary questions:
  1. (a)

    Do the visual acuity and anatomic reattachment results differ between eyes treated with silicone oil and those treated with gas?

  2. (b)

    Do the ocular complications that result from the use of silicone oil differ from those resulting from extended gas tamponade?

  3. (c)

    Does a relationship exist between an anatomic description of PVR and the retinal reattachment rate?

  4. (d)

    Can photographic documentation of PVR be utilized effectively to grade the extent and anatomy of PVR?



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  • John S. Lean
  • The Silicone Study Group

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