Special Functions

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In the year 1812 Johann Frederick Carl Gauss published a comprehensive work studying the hypergeometric series which has the form
$$1+\frac{\alpha \beta}{\gamma}\ {x}+\frac{\alpha(1+\alpha)\beta(1+\beta)}{2!\gamma(1+\gamma)}{x}^{2}\ +\frac{\alpha(1+\alpha)(2+\alpha)\beta (1+\beta)(2+\beta)}{3!\gamma(1+\gamma)(2+\gamma)}{x}^{3}\ +\ ...$$
where α, β, γ, x are real numbers. The name hypergeometric comes from the fact that this series is a generalization of the geometric series. In fact, if we set α = 1 and β = γ in (1.1) above we have
$$1\ +{x}\ +\ {x}^{2}\ +\ {x}^{3}\ +\ ...$$
which is the well-known geometric series.


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