Duplex Sonography of the Abdomen

  • E. Maureen White
  • Peter L. Choyke


Duplex sonography, which integrates real-time imaging with pulsed-Doppler analysis, has greatly expanded the diagnostic capabilities of conventional ultrasound examinations. Within the abdomen, several applications have been established and, through clinical research, new indications are being defined. Information regarding blood flow is obtained by placing a sample volume within a desired location and detecting the backscattered sound beam (1). After processing of the Doppler shift signals, the data is then available both as an audible output and as a graphical display, with Doppler frequency shift (or velocity) on the vertical axis versus time on the horizontal axis. The configuration of the waveform reflects the status of the proximal circulation as well as the receiving vascular bed. Specific parameters that determine waveform shape include cardiac contractility, vascular wall compliance, luminal diameter, velocity of blood flow, presence or absence of turbulence, and downstream vascular resistance (2). These, in turn, are affected by other factors such as the individual’s physiologic status. Notable examples include altered circulatory impedance of the distal aorta and lower extremities between resting and postexercise states, as well as variation in superior mesenteric arterial flow between fasting and postprandial states.


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