Specific β-d-Fucosidase from Aspergillus phoenicis

  • Zeng Yu-Cheng
  • Gu Ya-Jun
  • Zhang Shu-Zheng


β-d-Fucosidase (β-d-fucoside fucohydrolase, EC; β-fuc) has been shown to be always associated with high β-galactosidase (β-gal) and β-glucosidase (β-glc) activities (1–6). The relatively specific β-fuc came from a marine snail, which has a β-fuc/β-gal/β-glc activity ratio of 100:20:65(5).


Hydrolysis Glycerol Carbohydrate Lactose Glycoside 


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  • Zeng Yu-Cheng
  • Gu Ya-Jun
  • Zhang Shu-Zheng

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