Abbreviated Burn Severity Index (ABSI)

  • D. John Doyle


The Abbreviated Burn Severity Index (ABSI) is a five-variable scale to help assess burn severity. The variables considered are (1) sex, (2) age, (3) presence of inhalation injury, (4) presence of a full-thickness burn, and (5) percentage of total body surface area burned. Transfer of the patient to a special burn center should be considered if any of the following exist: (1) ABSI score > = 6, (2) high-voltage electrical burns, (3) burns associated with other major injuries, or (4) full-thickness burns to the face, axillae, joints, hands, feet, or genitalia. Estimation of the percentage of body surface area burned is most easily done using the well-known “rule-of-nines.”




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