Peripheral Processing by the Lateral Line System of the Mottled Sculpin (Cottus bairdi)

  • Sheryl Coombs
  • John Jansse


Although there is considerable information on the peripheral anatomy of lateral line systems (see Dijkgraaf 1962; Russell 1976; Coombs et al. 1988 for reviews), relatively little is known about how sensory information is encoded by the nervous system, either at the periphery or more centrally. To answer questions of this nature, it is necessary to have information not only on the peripheral anatomy of the system and its connections to and within the central nervous system but also on the response properties of neurons at various levels of the nervous system. This kind of information must then be evaluated in terms of the response of the entire system-i.e., the behavioral output or sensory capabilities of the animal.


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  • John Jansse

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