State Probabilities and Fluxes in Terms of the Rate Constants of the Diagram

  • Terrell L. Hill


The basic principles of free energy transduction were introduced in Chapter 1. Steady-state probabilities and especially forces and fluxes played a prominent role in the discussion. One important topic was bypassed, however, which is covered in the present chapter: How are the state probabilities and the fluxes related to the firstorder rate constants of α ij of the kinetic diagram? This subject does not add much to the general concept of free energy transduction per se, but it is essential to an understanding of the steady-state kinetic activity of the cyclic system that carries out the free energy transduction. Section 6 deals with state probabilities (and fluxes in very simple systems) and Section 7 is concerned with fluxes and related kinetic topics. Section 8 is essentially an appendix on recent and more advanced topics related to cycles and diagrams.


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