Immunological Characterization of a Viral Agent Involved in Epidemic and Sporadic Non-A Non-B Hepatitis

  • J. Pillot
  • M. D. Sharma
  • Y. Lazizi
  • A. Budkowska
  • C. Dauguet
  • J. L. Sarthou
Conference paper
Part of the Progress in Vaccinology book series (VACCINOLOGY, volume 2)


In humans, acute and/or chronic hepatitis are due to virus A, B, δ, and others not yet known. A virus possibly involved in epidemic and sporadic cases of non-A non-B (NANB) hepatitis has been isolated. This virus is infectious for African green and Saimiri monkeys, and the antibodies pro-duced in these nonhuman primates have been used to develop an ELISA detecting a NANB-associated antigen in stool. This virus grows in the hepatocyte PLC/PRF 5 cell line but not in HEP G2. Two types of particle were observed in association with the NANB antigen: large particles of 60 to 80 nm diameter (presumed complete virions), and smaller, lighter homogeneous particles of 25 to 30 nm. Using the inhibition of ELISA, antibodies have been detected in sera from African patients with epidemic or endemic NANB hepatitis as well as from European patients with en-demic NANB hepatitis.


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  • J. Pillot
  • M. D. Sharma
  • Y. Lazizi
  • A. Budkowska
  • C. Dauguet
  • J. L. Sarthou

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