Cone Invariance Properties

  • P. Constantin
  • C. Foias
  • B. Nicolaenko
  • R. Teman
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One of the features of a dissipative equation of type (2.1), (2.2) is the existence of compact absorbing sets. More precisely, there exists YH satisfying
$$Y{\text{ is convex, closed in }}H,{\text{ a bounded neighborhood or 0 in }}\mathcal{D}{\text{ (}}{A^{1/4}}{\text{) (in particular, }}Y{\text{ is compact in }}H).{\text{ }}$$
$${\text{For every }}\theta {\text{ }} \geqslant {\text{ 1 and any }}{u_o} \in \theta Y{\text{ the inequalities (3}}{\text{.7), (3}}{\text{.8), and (4}}{\text{.5a) are valid}}{\text{. The constants }}{k_{\text{1}}}{\text{, }}{k_{\text{2}}}{\text{, }}{k_{\text{3}}}{\text{, }}{k_{\text{5}}}{\text{, and }}{k_{\text{6}}}{\text{ depend on }}\theta {\text{ only}}{\text{. }}$$
$${\text{The set }}Y{\text{ is absorbing; i}}{\text{.e}}{\text{., if }}Z{\text{ is any bounded set in }}H{\text{, there exists a }}{{\text{t}}_{\text{o}}}{\text{ }} \geqslant {\text{ 0 (depending on }}Z{\text{) such that }}S{\text{(}}t{\text{)}}Z{\text{ }} \subset {\text{ }}Y{\text{ for }}t{\text{ }} \geqslant {\text{ }}{t_{\text{o}}}{\text{.}}$$


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