The HELP System Development Tools

  • T. Allan Pryor
  • Homer R. Warner
  • Reed M. Gardner
  • Paul D. Clayton
  • Peter J. Haug
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The HELP (Health Evaluation Through Logical Processing) system, developed at the LDS Hospital and University of Utah in Salt Lake City, is a complete hospital information system (HIS) that supports not only traditional HIS functions, but routinely implements decision-making applications for clinical care. The following list enumerates the clinical applications that are currently available on the HELP system:
  • Admit/Discharge/Transfer

  • Order Entry/Charge Capture

  • Medical Records

  • Intensive-Care Unit Automation

  • Nursing Charting/Care Plans/Acuity

  • Radiology

  • Surgery Scheduling/Management

  • Laboratory Integration/Pathology

  • Microbiology Alerting/Infectious Disease

  • Pharmacy

  • Laboratory Alerting

  • Quality of Care

  • Blood Gas Analysis

  • Pulmonary Function Laboratory

  • Physician Remote Access

  • Respiratory Care

  • Cardiology—ECG, Imaging, Catheterization Laboratory

  • Obstetrics/Delivery

  • Patient History


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  • T. Allan Pryor
  • Homer R. Warner
  • Reed M. Gardner
  • Paul D. Clayton
  • Peter J. Haug

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