Chapter 2

  • Asuman Güven Aksoy
  • Mohamed A. Khamsi
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Let (A i ) i єI be a family of sets and let U be an ultrafilter on I. By \(\mathop \prod \limits_{i \in I}\) A i we mean the cartesian product of the sets (A i ) i єI; consider the relation ~ u on \(\mathop \prod \limits_{i \in I}\) A i defined by:
$$\left( {{a_i}} \right){ \sim _u}\left( {{b_i}} \right){\text{ if and only if }}\left\{ {i:{a_i} = {b_i}} \right\} \in u$$


Banach Space Canonical Basis Convergent Subsequence Separable Banach Space Spreading Model 
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