Panel Summary: Low Speed Experiments

  • Percy J. Bobbitt
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The “Low Speed Experiments Panel” consisted of D. Arnal (ONERA/CERT), P. J. Bobbitt (NASA Langley), A. Braslow (NASA Langley consultant), T. C. Corke (Illinois Institute of Technology), M. Gaster (University of Cambridge), L. Maestrello (NASA Langley), and W. S. Saric (Arizona State University). Oral presentations were given by all except M. Gaster, who had to leave early, and T. C. Corke who was unable to attend due to his wife giving birth to their third child. Nevertheless, material provided by M. Gaster and T. C. Corke was presented by P. J. Bobbitt and M. Morkovin, respectively. All panel members provided written versions of their discussion except A. Braslow and W. S. Saric. However, some attempt will be made in this summary to give the gist of their remarks.


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