Structure and Functions of Tobacco Mosaic Virus RNA

  • Yoshimi Okada
  • Tetsuo Meshi
  • Yuichiro Watanabe


Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) is one of the well-characterized plant viruses. The genome of TMV is a positive-sense, single-stranded RNA and encodes at least three non-structural proteins (130K, 180K and 30K proteins) and a coat protein (Goelet et al., 1982; Ohno et al., 1984). The functions of non-structural proteins are not well understood at the molecular level. Recently, in vitro expression systems that allow production of infectious TMV RNAs from cloned full-length cDNA copies have been established (Dawson et al., 1986; Meshi et al., 1986) and as a result reverse genetics approaches have become possible for TMV research. We have constructed several kinds of TMV mutants in vitro to identify the function of TMV-coded proteins and the genomic RNA.


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  • Tetsuo Meshi
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  • Yuichiro Watanabe
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