The Experimental Analysis of Behavior

  • Robert W. Proctor
  • Daniel J. Weeks
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The emergence of psychology as an independent, scientific discipline usually is dated to the opening of Wilhelm Wundt’s lab at Leipzig, Germany, in 1879. In the ensuing 110 years, the discipline has become a multifaceted science that encompasses most aspects of human behavior. However, people outside of psychology typically are unaware of the substantial progress that has been made. Of the handful of psychologists who have reached public prominence, Burrhus Frederic Skinner is the individual who is identified most often as the representative of scientific psychology. For example, Guttman (1977) notes that a 1975 survey showed Skinner to be the best known scientist in the United States, at that time.


Classical Conditioning Discriminative Stimulus World View Operant Conditioning Applied Behavior Analysis 
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