Introduction and Fundamental Concepts

  • George J. Simitses


Dynamic stability or instability of elastic structures has drawn considerable attention in the past 30 years. The beginning of the subject can be traced to the investigation of Koning and Taub [1], who considered the response of an imperfect (half-sine wave), simply supported column subjected to a sudden axial load of specified duration. Since then, many studies have been conducted by various investigators on structural systems that are either suddenly loaded or subjected to time-dependent loads (periodic or nonperiodic), and several attempts have been made to find common response features and to define critical conditions for these systems. As a result of this, the term dynamic stability encompasses many classes of problems and many different physical phenomena; in some instances the term is used for two distincly different responses for the same configuration subjected to the same dynamic loads. Therefore, it is not surprising that there exist several uses and interpretations of the term.


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