Complex Non Integer Derivation in Robust Control through the CRONE Control

  • A. Oustaloup
Part of the Progress in Systems and Control Theory book series (PSCT, volume 8)


The area of this paper concerns the robustness of stability degree, and more particularly the robustness of the damping of the control versus the parameters of the plant. The approach of the CRONE Control is presented as resulting from the non integer order differential equation which represents the dynamic model governing a natural robust relaxation. A frequency illustration of robustness is given in the Nickol-Black plane through an open loop frequency template. Such a template is synthesized by means of a logarithmic phase CRONE regulator based on complex non integer derivation. The performances obtained through a numerical simulation particularly reveal the robustness versus the gain of the plant.


Open Loop Robust Control Phase Margin Stability Degree Nominal Gain 
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  • A. Oustaloup
    • 1
  1. 1.Equipe CRONE - LAP ENSERBUniversité de Bordeaux ITalence CedexFrance

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