Individual Carpal Bone Motion

  • M. Garcia-Elias
  • E. Horii
  • R. A. Berger


Wrist motion is the result of an interaction and accumulation of carpal kinematics occurring at the different levels of this complex and composite joint (Kapandji 1987; Kauer 1974; Lange, et al., 1985; Lange 1987; Linscheid 1986; Ruby, et al., 1988; Talesnik 1985). Understanding the individual carpal bone kinematics is of value not only from a basic perspective, but also from a clinical point of view, for many problems arising in the wrist are in fact the result of an alteration of the intracarpal motion (Berger, et al., 1982; Garcia-Elias, et al., 1989; Horii, et al., 1991; Ruby, et al., 1987; Smith, et al., 1989a.; Smith, et al., 1989b.). Its knowledge, therefore, is essential for a proper diagnosis and surgical treatment. Understanding carpal kinematics is also important to evaluate functional performance of the wrist under normal and pathological conditions, not to mention for the design of prosthetic devices (Chao and An, 1982; Youm, et al., 1978; Youm 1979).


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