Manipulation of Microbial Communities in the Phyllosphere

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This chapter is intended to be a speculative discussion of paths to the microbial biocontrol of plant diseases. A reader may view this chapter as commentary or as the not-always-well-documented bias of one opinionated individual; either would probably be appropriate. I will have accomplished my purpose in writing this chapter if I can convince you to give careful consideration to the views that follow. Further, this chapter is not intended as a general review of biocontrol. Ample general reviews of biocontrol of plant diseases (cf. Baker and Cook, 1974; Cook and Baker, 1983; Handelsman and Parke, 1989; Hoitink and Fahy, 1986; Papavizas and Lumsden, 1980; Van Alfen, 1982; Weiler, 1988; Wilson and Wisniewski, 1989) and of biocontrol in the phyllosphere (Blakeman and Fokkema, 1982; Andrews, 1990; Knudsen and Spurr, 1988; Windeis and Lindow, 1985) are currently available.


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